Our Resources

Welcome to Collective’s Resource Centre. Our aim is to assist our clients in getting their project underway as smoothly as possible, with as much upfront knowledge and information as we can provide. We believe that every client deserves to be in control of the process,
having a clear understanding of where to start with their renovation or new build. We have created a few resources to help our clients get started, and offer them inspiration and confidence as they plan their project.

The Architectural Project Roadmap

If you are looking to build or renovate, but you are unsure of the process that needs to take place to complete your project, get this one-page architectural project roadmap. When downloaded, you can learn about the various stages of an architectural project from beginning to end; get a clear road-map of what is expected at each stage of an architectural project; and where you need to start with your project for success.


Project Budget Worksheet

Looking to build or renovate your home and don’t know how much your home will cost to build? This worksheet provides a simple guide and a do-it-yourself cost estimator to get you started with estimating the construction costs of your new home or renovation. After completing this work-sheet, you will have an estimated figure of what your project will cost.


How To Get Started Planning Your Luxury Dream Home

Planning the design and construction of your new custom home, but don’t know where to start? This guide book details the seven most important things you need to know FIRST when planning the design and construction of your new custom home. Includes a construction budget cheat sheet; how to create your design brief; a directory of our trusted professionals and other good resources.


How To Choose an Architect for Your Luxury Dream Home

Designing and constructing a new custom home is an exciting and important process, and hiring the right architect is the first step. This guide details the steps to take in finding the right architect for your dream home.